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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Mar 17, 2022

Kelsey O’Neal began her career as a Super Connector (like Anna!) and founded Remote Sales Career, a boutique recruiting agency specializing in helping women entrepreneurs find talented sales professionals to grow their revenue and increase their impact. With time, she migrated to the online business world and fully immersed herself in the sales, coaching, and digital marketing arenas. In 2020, Kelsey founded the Sales Queen Sisterhood, an inclusive community of 850+ women sales professionals who desire to create financial freedom for themselves and their families through sales. 


In this episode, Kelsey and Anna explore how faith and business intersect. Plus, Kelsey shares  about how social media has opened up the door to social selling in a new way and the importance of good copywriting when producing quality content within this network. 


Kelsey shares her specific methodology for making genuine connections in the DM so you can get more dream clients the help they deserve. 


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