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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Sep 22, 2021

What do you get when you take a chameleon and add a Swiss Army Knife to the mix? You get Holly Murray of course!! Intrigued? You’ll totally get the analogy when you tune in to today’s episode!


It’s such a delight to have Holly on the show! She’s not only a dear friend who’s been in my life in various roles since 2017 but she’s also an up-and-coming Certified Conversion Copywriter from my Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ program. 


I believe in Holly—so much so that I just hired to be on my own team to support us. And yep, you guessed it, she’s helping us with copywriting! 


Holly’s willingness to joyfully jump in while still holding healthy boundaries is a true gift and shows what hiring a trained Conversion Copywriter is all about. 


Her path to success in business has been far from linear and paved with perseverance, and we GO THERE in  this episode. Tune in to hear how Holly has prayed through her journey and how God has divinely lined up each step of her path. 


Holly’s well on her way to six figures since completing the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ program, and has shared wins like writing for two established COPYWRITING business owners {including me} as well as booking $4,100 in copywriting jobs in one week!


If you're interested in learning about how to master the skill of copywriting so that you can grow a business that will give you a sense of security and stability that you’re probably longing for right now, click here to find out all the details about the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™ program. 


Resources mentioned on the show:

The Vintage Sparrow Jewelry by Annie Moss


Connect with Holly:

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Holly’s Instagram


Connect with Anna: 

Anna’s Website

Anna’s Instagram

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The Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™