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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Jun 15, 2021

In this week’s episode, we’re bringing back our first guest EVER for a third interview. 


James Wedmore, who’s been my own personal business mentor since 2017, is with us once more and can I just say buckle up! Because what he’s sharing in this episode has the potential to DRAMATICALLY improve your business performance.

We’re diving into the deep end and discussing the THREE invisible factors that will dramatically increase your business performance. 


James is covering: 


  1. The ONE question you MUST ask yourself to set a vision that will get you to your goals; 
  2. The ONE thing you must AVOID at all costs --- because it will sabotage any success you’ve hoped for; and  
  3. The single most POWERFUL yet OVERLOOKED way to increase your performance. 

Have a notebook and pen handy for this one, and I highly recommend that you listen to this episode at least twice to get the most value --- we move fast and you’ll notice new things during your second listen!

Remember that, like James says,  “The role you fill in your business will determine the results you achieve,” and if you want to become a Digital CEO, then James and I have got an incredible FREE resource for you!  


Click here to get access to James Wedmore’s 3-part LIVE Training Series: The Rise of the Digital CEO plus BONUS support from me!

James will train you LIVE in 3 powerful sessions where you’ll learn how to experience rapid growth while working LESS! And I’m giving you access to a private online community where I’ll coach you on implementing James’ trainings in a small-group setting.

Make sure to tag me @saraannapowers and James @jameswedmore in your IG stories and let us know you’re listening to this episode and that you’re IN for the Rise of the Digital CEO! 


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