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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Sep 24, 2020

Let me ask you a quick question: What if you could work just 3 hours a day for 5 days a week… and still smash all of your business goals? Would that be something you’d want to learn how to do? Well, some great news is coming your way, because my guest on this episode of the Faith Forward Online Business Podcast is opening up about exactly how she put in the work to build her 6-figure business to the point where she can now work just 15 hours a week!


Daniela Woerner is an international spa consultant, mentor to aestheticians, and the founder of AddoAesthetics. She is also a pro when it comes to leveraging her time so that she can build a successful business she loves without sacrificing all of the other things that are important to her - like her marriage, family, friends, and self-care. 


In episode 107, you will learn: 


  • The importance of having the right systems in place when building your business’s foundations
  • How the reality of being a military wife led Daniela into entrepreneurship
  • How to create a month’s worth of content in two hours
  • Why it’s critical that you get 100% clear on your ideal clients and your messaging 
  • How you can use the “A Week and B Week” concept to be 60% more efficient
  • How outsourcing can help you stay in your zone of genius
  • How podcasting can serve as a filter for attracting your ideal clients


Learn how to build, grow, and scale an aesthetics or spa business by connecting with AddoAesthetics


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