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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Mar 24, 2022

Does the name sound familiar? You might have heard of Katharine when she won our very first Clickworthy Copywriting Certification Case Study Contest! The Case Study  Contest highlighted the achievements of our Certified Writers, and we let our audience vote on whose results impressed them most … and you all made Katharine the winner! 

Or you may have heard of her from one of her many acting roles over 15 years! And I found it fascinating to discuss with Katharine how both acting and copywriting can be mirror-like processes. 

Katharine got interested in conversion copywriting as a way of expressing all the facets of an offer to a potential client, just as in acting you’re expressing all the facets of a character to an audience. 

In this interview, we cover major ground on how the timeless skill of conversion copywriting can support you not just in marketing, but in all aspects of life. It’s basically like looking behind the curtain at why humans act the way we do, and moving forward with both understanding and compassion around that. 

And we have a beautiful conversation about purpose and energy that I believe will serve you well, whether you’re just starting your business online or already scaling to 7 figures. 

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