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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Feb 10, 2022

Laura Schoenfeld is a Registered Dietitian, coach, and women’s health expert trained in Functional Medical nutrition therapy, and a business mentor for dietitians and nutritionists creating an online business. She believes as entrepreneurs we have to face our fears head-on in order to pursue our healthiest, most purpose-driven life, and to build a business that helps us and our clients thrive. Laura is a former teaching assistant and mentor for the Kresser Institute’s ADAPT training program for functional medicine practitioners and health coaches. Since 2014 she has helped hundreds of health consulting clients reach their wellness goals, and has worked with over one hundred dietitians and nutritionists to help them reach their first $10-20k revenue months and beyond.

In this episode Laura gives insight into how to make the jump from one-on-one client training to a scalable nutritionist business coach (hint: she didn’t let “failure” hold her back!). Laura also offers a fresh perspective on team-building, as she’s in the midst of delegating as much as possible to make space for a new baby (coming soon!). And of course, we dive into how a genuine and sincere faith will support you as you grow your business online. 

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