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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Dec 8, 2021

Dijana Llugolli is an international award-winning success and business coach who teaches females how to rapidly launch and scale their online businesses through aligned and inspired action. 


I met Dijana at Selena Soo’s “Impacting Millions” Top Partners day-long virtual Mastermind experience and I loved her energy! Dijana is truly is an impactful woman who speaks and coaches in four different languages (EN, SWE, SLO, BOS) and has worked with hundreds of clients all over the world (23 countries and counting). She also hosts a globally ranked podcast in the TOP 5%.


Dijana shares with us how the energy you bring to your work is a huge factor in determining your success along with possessing the proper skills and knowledge.


She also delves deep into her 3-C Framework for Success:


  • Consistency: Dijana defines this as moving at your own pace and taking inspired actions.
  • Clarity: Your consistency creates a pattern that brings clarity.
  • Confidence: Your consistency and clarity then produce confidence.


We also dive into how you identify your purpose, how our purpose evolves over time, the power of delight and playfulness in your life, and what mastery really looks like.


You can connect with Dijana here:


Dijana’s website


Dijana’s Instagram


Connect with Anna: 


Anna’s Website


Anna’s Instagram


Anna’s Facebook


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