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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Nov 30, 2021

Get ready to experience the BEST energy with today’s special guest!! Laura Sprinkle is enthusiastic and incredibly gifted + wise when it comes to affiliate marketing. Laura is an affiliate partnerships strategist who specializes in working with digital course creators. Her partner program strategies have helped everyone from seven-figure industry leaders to budding entrepreneurs garner more than $25 million in partner revenues. She’s worked with some of the online greats like Selena Soo, Todd Herman, and Amy Porterfield. As a matter of fact, it is through becoming an affiliate for Selena Soo’s program that I was introduced to Laura!


In today’s episode, Laura and I discuss:


  • Why now more than ever it’s important for you to develop your affiliate program
  • The value of relationship-building when considering an affiliate program
  • How EASY it is to start an affiliate program with 2 simple steps: 1. Have an amazing offer! And 2. Have a way for people to pay you.
  • What you can do starting today to develop strategic partnerships


Finally, we discuss Laura’s four-part framework that works for enriching any relationship-- including affiliate partnerships: Attract, Activate, Amplify, Appreciate. Tune into the show to hear us expand on these. . .and the conversation got really great surrounding the appreciation piece!


Before you listen to the show, I’ll leave you with this thought from Laura: When you partner with somebody for your program, offer, or product that you want to get into the hands of more people and someone else has an audience they’ve built trust with, they’ll get a huge win for sharing your offerings, and they don’t have to deliver on the offer. So it’s a win-win for you, them, and the product purchaser!


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