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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Oct 7, 2021

This week Anna is joined by her friend and copywriting client Jess Glazer. Get ready for a power-packed podcast because Jess has the BEST energy, and when you’re around her, you automatically feel inspired, encouraged, and supported! And this episode is no exception to that experience!


Anna instantly connected with Jess and her husband Mike when they joined James Wedmore’s Performance Mastermind. When Jess + Mike hired Anna as their Conversion Copywriter for their recent launch, she was thrilled! 


Part of the GAIN Copy Research Blueprint™ that Anna teaches all of the Clickworthy Certified Conversion Copywriters is to interview your client’s clients, so Anna followed her own blueprint and sat down with several of Jess and Mike’s E+mpower Grads. Given that Jess has created more than 7 millionaires through her programs and her grads have accomplished so much in such a short period of time, it was an impressive interview process, to say the least. But even beyond that, Anna was positively impacted by their vision, purpose, and mission.


Inside the episode, Anna and Jess cover: 


  • The benefits of working from your purpose vs. your passion
  • How to leverage your business to make a true impact in the world
  • The difference between “hearing” and listening (this one was a big aha for Anna!) 
  • How to balance masculine and feminine energy in your business  (both are necessary) 


Tune into this episode with Jess, and then DM Anna on Instagram @saraannapowers with your thoughts!


Resources mentioned on the show:

Free Training: How I Turned $5 Post-It Notes into Multiple 6-Figures of Profit!


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Jess’ Website

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