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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Oct 16, 2020

Want to learn how you can get inside your ideal client’s head and figure out exactly what they desire SO strongly that your offer will basically sell itself? 

You need to tap into your client’s INNER urgency, which is infinitely more powerful than all the “fake marketer urgency” we see people using like expiring bonuses, price going up, and even close cart dates. YES, what you’re getting inside THIS episode is exponentially more powerful than any of those things. 


Dive in and get the support you need to SELL your offers! 


Then join me for a special LIVE Masterclass on Tuesday night, October 20 at 7 pm Central, where you’ll get the 3 Can’t-Miss Keys to Launch Your Irresistible Offer. 


Click here to register for the live training. It’s free but crazy-valuable! 


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