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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Feb 14, 2018

For this week’s episode, we’re joined by a special guest, Ashley Logsdon. Ashley is the daughter of one of Sara Anna’s mentors, Dan Miller, and runs her own coaching company, Mama Says Namaste. Ashley gives us some insight on how being aware of your DISC personality type can help you build and maintain healthy relationships.  


Ashley also shares about how working in an online business has helped her family live with intention. She’s currently on an RV journey to all 50 states with her husband Nathan and their three girls.  The key to creating this life they all love? Intention.  Listen and be inspired to create YOUR own version of your dream life.



Resources from this episode:   This is Dan Miller’s Coaching Certification Program (where Sara Anna holds a Certification) that Ashley is involved in. Check out this link for all the resources Ashley has put together to help our listeners honor their own personality styles and live a life of intention. Visit this link to get a special offer on Ashley’s online course that will help you and your family travel the country in an RV!


For an extra dose of inspiration, grab Sara Anna’s free audio training and workbook on daily success strategies here:


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