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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Sep 14, 2020

Some of the best and most impactful business ideas were dreamed up by the very people who needed that product or service. That was certainly the case for Tracy May, who joined me for this episode.


In this episode, you’ll learn how Tracy used her experience as a preemie mom (to two amazing young men) to create a journal to help preemie moms all over the world to not only record their journeys, but also to receive the kind of hope and inspiration that can only come from people who have been through the same thing - and who’ve come out the other side. 


You’ll also hear how Tracy used a combination of coaching, mindset work, and trusting in God to get her journal out of her head and into the world. You’ll learn how: 


  • Tracy balanced the creative work that goes into building a product from scratch alongside a full-time corporate job and raising two special needs children
  • Hiring a life coach helped Tracy free up the mental capacity she needed to plan out the details of her product
  • Hiring a business coach helped her to focus on things that would move the needle in her business - like getting crystal clear on her messaging
  • Tracy shifted her mindset to push through challenges like not hitting specific deadlines
  • Positive affirmations helped her regain her motivation for the project
  • To trust the timing that God has for you and the exciting things you’re working on
  • To use one powerful question to gain clarity about what God has planned for your life


Order a copy of “My Preemie's Journey: Your Journal for Surviving the NICU and Beyond” on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Help Tracy donate 100 preemie journals to families who need them.


Visit Tracy’s website, Miracle Moments Matter, where you can download her free NICU Survival Guide.


Follow Tracy on Facebook and join her private community, Inspiration & Hope for Preemie Moms.


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