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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Mar 13, 2020

Your story connects you with your ideal clients. It makes you relatable and trustworthy. This connection is what ultimately leads to conversion. And you need your prospective clients to become paying clients because, as my friend Michael Hyatt says, “When people pay, they pay attention.” You can help people more when they’re invested in themselves through your programs and offerings.  


This episode is a “best of” and we’re re-sharing it because developing your signature story is a key element to impacting more people. Yet so many people don’t know where to begin when thinking through their signature story. They feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or confused about which moments of their story they should highlight. 


This episode solves that problem for you and will get you supported in crafting a signature story that draws in your absolute ideal clients. 


Then! Make sure you grab the free Publicity Checklist that my mentor and friend Selena Soo is gifting you: 


You’ll see that telling your signature story is one of the top 7 things you can do to get more media attention, so Selena’s checklist + the strategies in this episode are here to set you up for major media success! 


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