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Faith Forward Online Business With Sara Anna Powers

Oct 15, 2018

For this episode, Sara Anna is joined by James Wedmore, a multi-7 figure online entrepreneur who understands that mindset and business growth are inseparable. James went from hustle, stress and struggle to ease, flow, and IMPACT in his own business, and now he helps other entrepreneurs do the same through his Business By Design program.



James also had a massive personal impact on Sara Anna’s life, and you’ll hear the backstory of how your host transformed her business using James’ guidance and strategies.



PLUS you can grab James’ FREE Netflix-style video series, The Rise of the Digital CEO, to learn how to move from being an employee to the CEO of your own business right here:



Connect with James on Instagram at @jameswedmore and don’t miss his video series - it’s only available for a limited time!



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